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Magnetic-guided Buses * USA - No hands: Buses guided by magnets

2-year test will determine if public transportation can move faster with magnetic technology

Orange County,CAL,USA -The Orange County Register, by ERIC CARPENTER -November 14, 2008: -- Public buses guided by magnets. No need for the driver to steer. Sound like a sci-fi movie?... It's already been demonstrated in Northern California and will become a reality along two bus routes – in the San Francisco Bay Area – when Caltrans begins a pilot program in January, agency officials said. Oregon is also participating in the testing program... No word yet on when magnetic-guided buses might come to Orange County. Joel Zlotnik, an Orange County Transportation Authority spokesman, said his agency, which runs the county's public-bus system, currently has no plans to utilize the technology... OCTA Chairman Chris Norby said he's heard about the magnetic technology and will be interested to gauge the success of Caltrans' pilot program...



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